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Currently, there is a massive disconnect between applicants and the hiring process. A survey of 900 CEOs and nearly 700 other C-suite executives confirms this. And yet, if you look at any given job board, including LinkedIn, you see large numbers of applicants for any given job, and hundreds of applicants in the first 24-48 hours of any executive or managerial position. So why is it still difficult to fill positions?


The answer? Standing out from the beginning. Most companies recruiting process has room for improvement. Between bots filtering out qualified candidates and employers not giving applicants a chance to demonstrate their skill, they are losing valuable hires. The hiring process is the first time a potential new employee interacts with your company, so it really shapes their perception of the company.  You almost want the individual to tell their friends and family what a great experience it was.


Additionally, we've found that employees these days have different priorities. They don’t want to chase a performance rating. That’s not what ‘meaning’ means anymore. They want to become the next incredible version of themselves, and they want to demonstrate it to you. Having time to walk the kids to the bus stop in the morning is a far more attractive perk these days. And its critical to build the relationship that way, right from the very beginning in the ad. 


Aptly Able has taken on the current “accepted” practice and improved the hiring process for both applicants and employers.

What We're Doing Differently

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Basic Application. We start with a basic application to ensure minimum requirements are met. The applicant is a real person and they're willing to provide their contact information, including their cell phone, and consent to be contacted about the job. This weeds out people who aren't really serious about the position, bots and those who don't meet the basic requirements. 

Skills Test. Far more useful than a resume, a quality skills or aptitude test can show how well a given applicant will be able to perform the job functions. Tests are unique to the position offered and results are ranked against other individuals who have taken the same test. 

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Work Sample Product. Software Developers have long proven they could do the job by submitting sample code they write during the interview process. We've extended this to all jobs. Nothing shows you how well a candidate can do the job like actually doing it. For physical work product such as Graphic Designers or Copy Writers, we have them submit actual product. For Service-based jobs like Sales or Customer Care we have them perform a mock customer-interaction with one of our staff. 

Interview. Once an applicant passes all 3 of the first steps, we set up a virtual interview. Now it's time to find out if they have the right mentality and people skills to fit in our company culture. Applicants who pass this first interview are setup with a second interview with their potential new boss.


Speed to Hire. All of these steps are moved through quickly by Aptly Able with real people connecting to the applicant through each step, ensuring the candidate stays engaged and connected throughout the process. After that, its up to you to pick the best candidate using real world.

Throughout the hiring process, we stay in communication with the applicants. They see the steps involved with getting to an interview from the very beginning, and they are informed how they did for each step of the way. If a candidate does well but doesn't return our communication, we add them to a specially prepared VoiceDrop campaign that reaches out to them via ringless voicemail and text messages to prompt them to move to the next step, or let us know that they are no longer interested. They are also welcome to call or text that contact number any time, where they are connected with one of our live, capable, friendly, US-based customer care staff who recognize the number as our hiring line, and answer accordingly. 

The Aptly Able Hiring Process.
Good for the Candidate.
Good for the Hiring Company

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